Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Amazing Race: Shopaholic Edition

Fifteen racers...
Millions of rupiah to spend...
Who will emerge as the winner?

This... is... the Amazing Race, Shopaholic Edition!

Recap of the last episode: The racers completed several very wet tasks at the tropical island of Pulau Seribu, 45 minutes away from Anchol, Jakarta. As it was a non-elimination round, all racers are now off to the next location - the hilly town of Bandung - via boat and bus. What task awaits them now?

Day One
After a three-hour mandatory rest at Holiday Inn Bandung upon arrival, the racers were presented with a choice of two tasks:

Spend only two hours shopping along Jalan Dago. While this may sound easy, there are more than ten outlets along this road, so racers have to be brilliant in dividing their time,
Spend the equivalent amount of time at Jeans Street (I think they went to Cihampelas). While racers have the luxury of spending longer time at just one place, the lack of variety of goods may mean that some racers will come out with nothing.

(Director's note: no pictures taken from Jalan Dago, because the camera-man also too busy shoppingggggg!! She had been subsequently fired.)

Day Two
An hour in the morning was spend for more local oriented task - i.e shopping at the more traditional Pasar Baru. This building is a makcik-makcik shopping haven - floors and floors of telekung, fabrics, batik, etc. The biggest challenge? Racers were only given sixty minutes to complete their task (perghhh, mana cukup!). One of the racers, Cik A, failed to buy one of the required item on the list, a modern embroided baju kurung with slanted cutting. The other racer advised her on the strategy see-and-grab ("tak yah pikir2 dah") and compare prices only between two adjacent shops ("x yah aa round satu floor nak compare and tawar. Banding dua kedai je cukup!"). Miss F (yang bunyi awal2 tu konon-konon x nak shopping) accidently bought another bombastic lace fabric. She bought one last year from the same place, and it is still wrapped in the plastic at home. Now she got two bombastic fabrics, with no bombastic functions where she can wear them.

Afterwards the racers stopped by a few other outlets and also the Prima Rasa Bakery. Everyone was then transported to Jakarta after a Nasi Padang dinner.

Day Three

The challenge continues in Jakarta. The main task was to buy several batik pieces for friends back home. Five racers decided to team up and against their better reason, listened to the advice of other competing racers who directed them to Mangga Dua instead of Tanah Abang.

Four of the five racers. Pn. A duduk depan, so gambar tak masuk :p

Perbincangan paling penting di ATM machine - berapa banyak kena keluarkan duit nih?!

After an hour fruitlessly searching for a fabric store in Mangga Dua, and useless direction from the shopkeeper there when asked on the stores' location, the team decided to abandon Mangga Dua and left for Tanah Abang. Time was a big concern, as all racers need to be back at the hotel by 2 pm to check out and leave for the airport. They did not accomplish anything in Mangga Dua except for Miss F who managed to score two cute tops there. She longingly stared at the handbags but as everyone else was pressed for time, she decided to forgo those babies and went with them to Tanah Abang.

Muka risau dalam teksi... takut tak sempat shopping.

Yeay, dah nampak Tanah Abang!

Yeay, dah sampai...! Ready, get set, go!

The five racers reached Tanah Abang and voila, all that they want was there. More fabrics, more batiks, more telekung... They barely had two hours there but marvelouslly, learning from yesterday's experience, all task was completed successfully.

The winner was determined at the airport, based on the person who has the heaviest luggage when checking in at the airport counter. The name not to be disclosed here for privacy reason, hohoho. A clue: the winner was not Miss F (who felt sad that she was dethroned as the Shopaholic Queen), and the winner was actually a 'he'!


  1. sista!!!!!!! i just lovvvveeeee ur story...

  2. fatma tak shop a lot?

  3. a story pasal shopping mmg sentiasa best, Kak Yus :p

    syu: seriously serious, I am amazed as well!

  4. i blh jadi saksi -- fatma CONTROLLED giler in BANDUNG... tp itu pun dah up kan berat beg dier dari 2 digit kilos jadi 3 digit kg.. (adakah aku merapu?)

    I'm NOT the champion... I'm NOT the shopping champ, yeah!!!

  5. hehehehe...itu la..citer psl shopping mmg sentiasa best...

  6. ye aiman, ko merapu... berat naik siiiiikit je yeh. belas-belas je, x sampai 20kg. aku bangga!!!