Friday, June 5, 2009

Sang Sangkuriang and Pisang Keju

Tangkuban Perahu (pic from

Ok guys, since I’ve been here and I visited Tangkuban Perahu before, let me tell you the story behind the volcano. Very interesting lah this story. Way, way back then, there were these king and queen… (pause). Eh, jap… Aaah, that’s right, there were this king and queen, they had a son. Then something happen, the son was cast away. I don’t know what happened la, but he had to leave the country. Then years later he came back, but he did not recognize the place was his country before. (Eh, how come he did not remember? He was an adult when he went away kan?). Anywayyyy, something happen, and he came back to the country that he no longer recognize as his country but the most important thing is he met his mother who he did not know was his mother and they fall in love. (Eh, where was the king at this time? And how he did not know his mother? She must be so old too!). Ok, I think his father was dead. Maybe he killed him? That’s why he was thrown away? Anyhoo, the mom and the son fall in love, then he asked her to marry her, then somehow she discovered he was her son, so of course she wanted to say no. So she asked him to do an impossible task, that to marry her, he had to build a giant boat before sunrise the next day. Wahh, apparently this boy got magical power, so he get helped from all those magic creatures so of course his boat was almost done by dawn. Her mom got worried but she also got power, so she did something la, I don’t remember what she did, but what she did caused either the sun to rise early or the rooster to think that the sun was rising that it made that koo,koo sound so the boy pretty much lose. He got angry of course, so he kicked the boat and it overturned, and that’s how you get the mountain called Tangkuban Perahu, my friend. (Oooooo).

I am such a terrible story-teller.

It was over a meal of pisang salai keju that I told this story to my friends, as we were supposed to visit the volcano the next day. Oh, pisang salai keju, another must-have while in Bandung. The dessert was my treat - I took that it was my responsibility to introduce this yummy dessert to my friends who are new to Bandung, as it was my friend responsibility to introduce it to me when I first came here. Kan Farina? :)

For the uninitiated, pisang salai keju is grilled banana, drizzled with a combination (or all!) of either condensate milk, cheese, chocolate and peanuts. Yummy! My friends finished off everything on the plate, so hopefully they do like it.

Anyway, there are several version on the legend of Sangkuriang (he was the son who falls in love with his own mother - oh, Oedipal conflict!) Tangkuban Perahu, one of them can be found here.

We ended up not going to Tangkuban Perahu the next day at all for we have a more important mission to accomplish...hoho, so here are some pics I snapped at the volcano from a previous trip to Bandung with Farina.


  1. owh, kenangan di bandung...

    kenapa tak ada foto pisang kejunyaa??

  2. pisang kejunya x sempat difotokan. sedar-sedar, pinggan dah licin.. huhu