Friday, December 4, 2009

Turkey Trip: Itinerary and Expenses

To kick off a series (of yet to be written) travelogue piece on my (not so recent) backpacking trip to Turkey, I present to you my itinerary and expenses. May it guide you, oh future travellers, to have a splendid time as much as I did in Turkey.

The return Malaysia Airline flight costs me RM 3276.
Total expenditure spent in Turkey is RM 4823.45 Note: you can definitely cut down on the total expenditure by skimming on the food and skip shopping and the hot air balloon ride – the ride costs RM700 alone! As this was my first big trip since I started working, I decided not to be too “berkira” (duit boleh dicari ganti....hehehe) and went all out trying all kind of Turkish food (a real Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Extravaganza). It was a stark contrast to my poor student days when all I ate during my European backpacking trip was bread and Nutella ~ for three weeks :p

Exchange rate during the trip is (roughly):
1 Euro ~ RM 5 1 YTL ~ RM 2

25 July 2009 (Kuala Lumpur – Istanbul)
We arrived Istanbul in the morning and spent the day visiting Ayasofya Museum and Basilica Cistern. We also took the ferry to Haydarpasa.

Ayasofya Museum: 20 YTL
Basilica Cistern: 10 YTL
Transportation: 10.5 YTL (5 tram rides, 2 ferry rides)
Food and drinks: 27.5 YTL

26 July 2009 (Istanbul)
We visited the Topkapi Palace and Archaeology Museum.

Topkapi Palace: 20 YTL
Archaeology Museum: 10 YTL
Food and drinks: 35 YTL
Transportation: 3 YTL (2 tram rides)

27 July 2009 (Istanbul – Selcuk)
We took the Bosphorus Cruise Tour and walked around Taksim during the day in Istanbul and left for Selcuk on an overnight bus.

Bosphorus Tour: 9 YTL
Transportation: 28 YTL (5 tram rides and 1 taxi ride to the bus station)
Food and drinks: 18 YTL
Accommodation (25-27 July): 20 Euro
Overnight bus to Selcuk: 55 YTL

28 July 2009 (Selcuk)
We arrived in Selcuk in the morning and visited Efes and the small Efes Museum.

Efes Museum: 4 YTL
Efes: 20 YTL
Transportation: 5 YTL (a horse cart ride – yeayyy!!!)
Food and drinks: 37.10 YTL

29 July 2009 (Selcuk-Pamukkale-Selcuk)
We took a tour package to Pamukkale while maintaining base in Selcuk. The tour included transportation from Selcuk to Pamukkale, a buffet lunch, entrance fee to Pamukkale and tour guide service. As Pamukkale is 3-hours away from Selcuk, the tour is the best deal for time-crunching, public transport-relying tourist.

Pamukkale Tour: 40 Euro
Pamukkale Museum: 3 YTL
Food and drinks: 23.75 YTL

30 July 2009 (Selcuk-Goreme)
We visited St. John Basilica and the Selcuk Mosque in the morning and left for Goreme, Cappadocia by evening bus.

St. John Basilica: 5 YTL
Food and drinks: 16.75 YTL
Accomodation (28 – 30 July): 47 Euro
Bus ticket to Goreme: 50 YTL

31 July 2009 (Goreme)
We arrived at Goreme very early in the morning (it was still dark and bloody cold, hohoho). We visited the Open Air Museum and caught the sunset at Rose Valley.

Open Air Museum: 15 YTL
Food and drinks: 32 YTL

1 August 2009 (Goreme)
We took the very fanciful and expensive hot air balloon ride during sunrise, then went on the Green Tour. The tour brought us to the underground city, a hike down Ihlara Valley, a cave monastery and a few stops that highlight the geology of Cappadocia. The price included transportation, entrance fees to all places above, lunch and a tour guide. A highly recommended tour if you are pressed for time or does not have your own transport. Whatever it is, a hike down the gorgeous Ihlara Valley is a must!

Hot air balloon trip: 130 Euro
Green Tour: 60 YTL
Food and drinks: 12 YTL

2 August 2009 (Goreme-Ankara-Istanbul)
We took an afternoon bus to Ankara, stopped over in the city for a few hours, and took the night train to Istanbul. I recommend that you skip Ankara and spend the time somewhere else – not much to see here :)

Accommodation in Goreme (31-2 August): 30 Euro + 5 YTL
Bus to Ankara: 25 YTL
Food and drinks: 13.25 YTL
Transportation: 5.1 YTL (3 tram rides)
Locker: 2 YTL
Train from Ankara to Istanbul: 60 YTL

3 August 2009 (Istanbul)
Arrived Istanbul early in the morning. We spent the day at the Grand Bazaar & Spice Market and snapping pictures at Eminonu.

Shopping: 141.50 YTL
Transportation: 6 YTL
Food and drinks: 30.5 YTL

4 August 2009 (Istanbul)
Visited Dolmabache Palace and Miniaturk. The Miniaturk is a cool park with miniatures of all tourist attractions and significant places in Turkey ~ so since we can’t cover the whole country in two weeks, a trip to this park allowed us to see the places we weren’t able to visit :p

Dolmabache: 20 YTL
Miniaturk: 10 YTL
Food and drinks: 36.75 YTL
Transportation (tram, bus, funicular): 7 YTL
Baklava: 25 YTL

5 August 2009 (Istanbul-Dubai-Kuala Lumpur)
Goodbye, Turkey!!

Accommodation in Istanbul (3-5 August): 60 Euro
Transportation: 3 YTL
Shopping: 10 YTL
Drinks: 5 YTL


  1. OMG cantiknyeeee gambar with the hot air balloon tuuu! Memang boleh buat postcard...

  2. hi sis. nice entry, makes me wanna go backpacking in turkey! :D btw masa kat istanbul tu stay kat mana yeh?

  3. hi dalila,
    i stayed at two hostels in istanbul. tulip guesthouse, and the other one i forgot sbb kitaorg walk-in je...