Friday, February 19, 2010

Books: Lightning Thief, Childhood Memories and A Princess' Tale

My reading choice comes with its own season. The past few months had been travel book, and before that was biography.

Yesterday I had a sudden itch for teen/children's book, so I went to Kinokuniya during lunch time and looked for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” - the movie had less than a favorable review, but words had it that the book is pretty good. I need a Harry Potter replacement, and I am a sucker for anything on Greek mythology, so Percy Jackson it is!

But me being me, I could never walk out of a bookstore with only one book. Minimum: two, but I’ve been getting 3-4 books for each trip lately, which is not a big deal if I only visited the bookstore once a month, but what happened when my visit is as frequent as once a week? 3 books per week, times that with four weeks = 12 books per month. A couple of months of this, and my book receipt can already cover three years of tax deduction allowable under book purchase category.

(Sometimes I got worried that my book spending is worst than my shoe spending, since book is not that cheap here. But hey, a book never gets out of fashion. Books are investment!)

So for this particular visit, I snapped:
1. ‘Never Ending Story’ – OMG, did you remember that movie, with that freaking-ly long flying dog, the Child Empress and some other stuff I kinda forget now, huhu. I never knew the movie was based on a book. Love the movie back then, so hopefully the book will be as memorable.
2. ‘Princess Forever’ – OMG, did you know that this is the tenth book in the ‘Princess Diaries’ series? In between that first novel-turned-into-quite-a-cute-movie and ‘Princess Forever’, the following eight have been published:
Princess in the Spotlight
Princess in Love
Princess in Waiting
Princess in Pink
Princess in Training
Party Princess
Princess on the Brink
Princess Mia
Woooo.. I think there’s no harm jumping straight to the tenth novel. It’s a chick lit – I won’t miss much anyway.

It’s kind of fun reading light book once in a while. My brain needs some rest too, from too much pretension of reading serious books, hehe. I am parallel reading ‘Five Cities That Ruled The World’, a brief historical study on five cities that have been the most influential in the history of mankind. Very interesting read, but I need a rest after Jerusalem and Athens, before continuing on to Rome, London and New York. (p/s 1: syok nya kalau ini adalah itinerary travel aku. p/s 2: Where’s Malacca, by the way? Malaysia boleh!).

But who says chick lit is shallow. I learn a valuable lesson from ‘Princess Forever’:

Well. I worried that my mom might be right. She’s the one who pointed up the fact that if I say I want to do something, J.P always wants to do it, too. And if I say I don’t want to do something, he always agrees he doesn’t want to do it either…

… I mean, what girl wouldn’t want a boyfriend who wanted to be with her all the time, and always do whatever she wanted to do?

Mom was the only one who noticed this and asked me if it didn’t drive me crazy. And when I asked her what she meant, she said, “Dating a chameleon. Does he even have his own personality, or it is all about accommodating yours?”

Wow, deep.
Would you be annoyed by an accommodating significant other?
Do you prefer those little fights and disagreement?
What is the ‘perfect’ relationship then?
Hah, pikir, jangan tak pikir.