Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Review: Red Pyramid

If you look up the word ‘disappointment’ in my dictionary now, you will see the words “Red Pyramid”.

It is the new book by Rick Riordan – yes, people, the same person who wrote the Percy Jackson series, the books that I love to death. An author who I highly expected will churn out a hit with this Egyptian adventure.

I read it and was reduced to tears - tears of boredom.

Well past the 300 pages mark, nothing happen. Okay, I supposed there were some adventures, magic, Egyptian gods and family drama going on, but the story is terrifyingly similar to Percy Jackson that I had that feeling like I am rereading an old book. There are two kids trying to save the world, and the Greek characters are being substituted with the Egyptian ones. Even the fight scene was like “Meh!” and all the jokes were “Urggghh, can it be more lame?”. The ending was so anti-climatic that my only reaction is: “That’s all?”. My grandmother’s cat can write this book!

I slogged through the last page just because I have to finish it; I don’t really care about the ending. “Red Pyramid” even sat untouched on my bed table for days, eventhough I had only twenty pages to go. So close to the finish line, but I was left unexcited that I could not bear to read it anymore. This had only happened once before, when I was reading Orhan Panuk “My Name Is Red” – I still didn’t know the ending of the book, and it had been more than a year since I read it (the book actually has a very interesting storyline, but the writing was so high-level and complicated that I got lost. Lesson learnt: a Nobel Prize winner in literature doesn’t write easy-reading book).

Perhaps the author is so caught up with the success of his first series that he sticks to the same formula. Well, nothing is wrong with that. Countless time other authors (yes, Dan Brown, I’m talking about you) have done the same too, but at least the storyline and the ‘feel’ of each story are different and are as exciting.

I guess I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward toward his new book... sigh.

Well, I have faith that the rest of the books in this series will be better than this first one, because Rick is actually a good author as his Percy Jackson books can attest, and the basis of this story has so much promise – it’s Egyptian history and mythology, people, nothing is more exciting than that! Perhaps he is saving the big climax for the later books, so yes, despite not liking this book at all, I think I will still buy the whole series.

And Rick, please don’t screw up Percy Jackson’s second series, pretty please…

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