Sunday, July 4, 2010

From the Kitchen: Potatoes and Minced Meat

I had a left-over of a little bit of everything in my fridge - potatoes, minced meat, capsicum, mushroom etc - since I've been hosting a couple of dinner sessions last week, so trying not to get those go to waste, I decided to whipped up something quick and filling for dinner today. So here is "Viande hachée dans la pâte de tomate sur un lit de purée servi avec un côté de l'asperge", or the less fanciful name: "Minced meat in tomato paste on a bed of mashed potato served with a side of asparagus".

Hahaha.. Google translated that for me. I don't even know if it is correct! I bet my friend working in the French Embassy can actually provided a more sexy French name for this :)

This meal is basically a variation of baked potato with filling, but I have yet to unpacked my oven ever since I moved, and too lazy to do so now, so the potato is being mashed instead.

For the mince meat in tomato paste: the basic ingredients that you need are minced meat, tomato paste, onion, garlic, and vegetables of your choice (I put in mushroom, capsicum and corn). Seasoned with salt, herbs of your choice (Italian herb and oregano), chili ketchup and soy sauce.

For the mashed potato: boil the potatoes. Drain them when done, and mashed with some herb and salt for taste.

For the asparagus: put in some butter in the wok with some dried shrimp and garlic. When the garlic gets crispy, put in the asparagus, and toss it in the butter for one minute or so.

To serve, simply made a 'bowl' with the mashed potato and scoop the minced meat on top of it. Serve the asparagus on the side. Yummy....!


  1. eh, itu ubi manis yg ko beli aritu ke? waaaahh.. untung la sape dpt Fatma.. hehe..

  2. giler aaa.. blh lawan kak siti dah!!!

  3. dell: ni kentang biasa je.. ubi hari tu x usik lagi.

    mana tau, nanti dah puas main batu, boleh main masak2 pulak :)