Friday, October 22, 2010

My Kind Of Perfect 2.0

Hello boy. Welcome home!

You were detained at the hospital for a few days, and everyday you parents visited you, when all they wanted to do was bringing you home. Your mom was very sad to see the doctor poking you around to take blood sample that she cried when she arrived home. That is how much she loves you.

I wished I could spend more days with you. I only have your pictures to remind me just how much I love you. Nothing warms me more that holding you in my arms and singing lullabies and Quranic verses to calm you down. Your chubby cheek, your wide eyes… sigh, you remind me of how much I want a son of my own.

So, here are my words of wisdom, in no particular order, of ten things that will be beneficial to you, as they have been to me:

1. Your mom and dad are two very amazing person.

2. When you are in a position to not be a nice person, that’s when you discover the true you. Yes boy, how you handle trials and difficulties in life – whether with rationality and compassion, or by letting rage consumed you – defined you. As such, never let emotion clouds your judgment, and always be the better and bigger person in moment of crisis.

3. Girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything that is nice. But be careful, there are some manipulative, scheming, conniving ones too. Beware of these foxy ladies, if not you’ll be heartbroken. Other than that, treat a woman like you treat your sister and mother – with respect and dignity.

4. “I am sorry” is the hardest thing to say to someone, but when said with honesty, it is the sweetest thing we can ever say to someone.

5. Be proud of your achievement – you work hard for it, don’t you? - but be humble when being acknowledge of it in the public. Ikut resmi padi, makin tunduk makin berisi is indeed very true.

6. There is this weird sporty thing where two group of men chased after a round, rubber thing on a grass field, and men all over the world seemed so obsessed of it for a reason I can’t really comprehend… oh well, I’ll let your dad explain when you are older (p/s: you have been pre-ordained as a Chelsea fan, I think)

7. Don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs.

8. God works in a mysterious way. Just believe that He is the only one who truly has your best interest in life, regardless of what inconveniences or downfall you may have to go through. At times you might feel so down and forgotten – remember that God may not give us what we want, but He always gives us what we actually need.

9. There will come a time when you have to decide between watching a live football match or accompanying your loved one to the mall. Choose wisely.

10. “Hello boy, this is your uncle… (eh, sayang. Dia panggil kita apa? Pak Ngah ye? Ohh, ok ok). Hi boy, this is your Pak Ngah Nuar. Satu je Pak Ngah nak pesan ni. You’ll grow into a handsome and intelligent man. Girls will fall for you – most of the time, without you realizing it. Along the way, you’ll break so many hearts. Like me ahh, satu Malaya kecewa when I proposed to your Mak Ngah. But my point is, be a gentleman. A girl’s heart is very fragile. I could not really tell you how to handle it, but again, as much as you can, please be a gentleman.”


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Kind Of Perfect 1.0

Hello, little girl. Welcome home :)

I fall for you at first sight, as I watched you from the other side of the nursery's window. The baby boy next to you was crying his lung out (maybe he's trying to get your attention already?), but you were sleeping so serenely. When the nurse finally brought you out, I had you in my arms and I wished I never have to let go at all.

As your old, wise, very vogue aunt, I would like to impart some words of wisdom, in no particular order of importance, things for you to remember as you grow up:

1. Your mom and dad are two very amazing person.

2. No one should look down on you, or tell you “You can’t do that” or dismiss your opinion just because you are a girl.

3. Boys are nice and fun, but sometimes they make you cry. (And if anyone ever hurt you, let me know and I will wallop their sorry asses for you)

4. Read and travel. A lot.

5. In reference to point number 3, someday you'll find a great boy who will wipe all those tears away. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, don’t be afraid to fall out of it. If you ever need a confirmation that in love, good things come for those who could endure the test of life and that God knows better what is good for you, ask me to tell you the best love story I have ever known, and I’ll tell you the story how your mother met your father.

6. Anuar Zain is a really good singer.

7. Family comes first, then your girlfriends (in most instances, they are even more important than your boyfriend). These girls will be your pillar of strength and the ones you can call in the middle of the night without a second thought. Make sure you surround yourself with a few that you can really trust. Never, never, never backstab a fellow girlfriend, because you won't want them to do the same to you too.

8. A woman could never have too many handbag or shoes. And Isetan is a magical place.

9. Treat others – young or old people, rich or poor – nicely and equally. Never based your relationship with others according to their wealth, status or how they look like.

10. When everyone else seems to desert you, remember that Allah never did. He always listens, so pray a lot – give Him thanks when you are happy and cry your heart out to Him when you are sad.