Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Review: Heroes of Olympus - The Lost Hero

"It isn't time yet, little hero. Some day, you'll have your quest. You'll find your destiny, and your hard journey will finally make sense. But first you may face many sorrows. I regret that, but heroes can't be shaped any other way" - Tia Callida / Hera.

Percy Jackson is back, wuhoo…!!!

Okay, sort of.

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero is the follow up to the Percy Jackson’s series. However, our old hero and his friends are now the back-story and supporting characters for a whole new set of heroes. In this first book, Percy Jackson disappeared, and three new demi-gods – Jason, Leo, and Piper – were brought into Camp Half-Blood. They were soon claimed by their parent-god and as all other preceding books that came before this, they set out for a dangerous quest.

You won’t get anything different that what Rick Riordan had ever written before. This is pretty much just another Percy Jackson book – a group of heroes fulfilling a prophecy while their powerful god parents pretty much ignored them and they have to complete a quest in such a short time or if not, the whole world will collapse. Along the way they fight monsters, giants and other crazy mythical things.

Same old, same old.

However, this new series do show promise, as this time around, the historical aspect is not only from the Greek myth, but is coming from the Roman as well. Apparently, not only the Greek gods have their demi-gods children, but Roman demi-gods kids exist too. The history between the Greek and Roman demi-gods were rather ugly, and for the ultimate quest, Jason (the new series main hero) has to lead a group of heroes consisting of these two conflicting factions to save the world.

As a history buff and fervent Percy Jackson fan, I find this book still enjoyable to read, but nothing is breathtakingly amazing. At least I had fun in guessing the characters that appeared before their names were revealed. Those looking for an extraordinary twist or departure from the previous books will be disappointed. Read this if you are a hardcore Percy Jackson fan or looking for a quick, light read.

(… and the last two pages of the book – okay, I didn’t see it coming. I am so looking forward to know what will transpire next. But need to wait till September 2011 for the next book, "The Son of Neptune" to be published, isk isk)

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  1. This book is FAB. It is so much thrilling that I have already read it 6 times.However what appears as a great improvement is the emotional flow of the characters. The way they feel for each other. Their connection to their parents(esp Piper's father, though is ignorant most times, but still she dares to risk everything for him), Annabeth's concern for Percy(though the book is certainly not 'bout them).
    And the mysterious style always there with Riordan, You won't find the answers until you get to the last page.