Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Forever Enough?

I want to teach you the wonders of the world
The seven colors of the rainbow
Sing you the ABC and
Count from one to three.

I want to sing you a lullaby
And kiss your nightmare goodbye
I want you to learn about love and hate
And be there for your first heartbreak.

How long do you want to be loved, my dear…
Is forever enough?
Is forever enough?

I wrote that when I first received the news of my sisters’ pregnancy. The little ones were not borne yet – but I constantly thought of them. Now that they are here, I miss them.. all the time. Hohoho… At work, I have their pictures close to me. I even went back to Melaka for a quick break last weekend (I was not even home for a full 24-hours – tak pernah dibuat den) because I can’t bear another day of not seeing them. Rindu sangat. Somehow sejuk hati bila tengok muka diaorang. Jiwa yang kacau pun boleh tenang.

Little F is a sturdy boy. We called him GemGem, hoho, because he is soooo chubby. Geram! He has a serious face – when we sent a picture of him to our dad because he has yet to see this grandson of his, his comment was “Muka garang”. Haha… I guess as the first male of his generation in our clan, his fierce face will be useful to protect his little girl cousins.

While Little F hardly posed for pictures, Little H is a natural. She knows how to look into the camera. Even when sleeping, her poses would’ve make Tyra Banks cry with pride. It is a delight photographing her. Memang little diva in the making :)

Her mom really wants a picture of Little H and her Standard Chartered Singapore Full Marathon medal. Weeeee... nanti kita main lari-lari ye.


  1. if love is not forever, then what is forever for?

  2. Alalala comelnyaaa. Apa nama mereka?

  3. imagine your own... sigh...