Saturday, December 11, 2010

Greetings From Bali!

Hello! I am alive obviously, huhu. I got a few messages along the line 'Wooo, pergi camtu je. X cakap pun'. Sorry eh. Saje nak test, ada ke yang rindu. Ramai rupanya, sweet la :) There are only four people who know exactly when I am going - my sis, my mom, Mrs A and my carpool friend. Well, it has been an interesting trip so far. Details later, but for now enough to say that on day one, I got stranded somewhere because I could not get a transport out of the place, and on day two, I lost my pouch containing all my rupiah and dollar and credit card and bank cards and my passport! That was the most harrowing time, but they were safely returned to me a few hours later. I learn to be extra careful (sepanjang2 travel, x pernah lagi hilang apa2 ok) and I got to meet the beautiful, honest and friendly Balinese people who were so helpful during the incident. Today is day three and everything has been well so far ;p See you guys soon - I am having so much fun, but I do miss you people a lot :)


  1. aku terbeliak mate sebesar-besarnyer when u said u lost ur PASSPORT!!! --- terus pikir "Yeay, from now on we've got a friend PERMENANTLY stay kt BALI so that we can bunk in her place next time!!!"

    nk blasah aku? mari2, balik sini.. :p

    (take care buddy!! -- can't believe u're doing crazy stuff without ur usual do-crazy-thing buddy.. huh!!)

  2. fatma!!!!!! ish ish ne bleh jadik gitu? be safe okay...come back in one piece...hehe..

  3. aaaah, I feel your joy and happiness.. do send my love to Bali and its people ... take photos ok ! :)

  4. eh hello aiman.. sampai hati nak biarkan aku camtu je. bukan ke patutnya korang terus launch misi nak selamatkan aku (though kalau kena duduk bali, aku x kesah pun haha)

    yes kak yus, saya akan lebih berhati2 :p

    bali says hi, hana :)