Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where To?

By the time you read this, I am thousands of feet in the air, on my way to the gorgeous island of Bali. But as now, my itinerary consisted of only 'Departing KL Thurs 0845, Arriving KL Tues 1745'.

Less than 4 hours before arriving, I still do not have a concrete plan. I have not booked any accomodation. I still can't decide which area to visit. All I know is that in a few hours I'll be arriving at the Denpasar Airport - I have no idea where I am going from there and how to get there.

Looks like this is not just a solo backpacking; this is 'redah jer' backpacking!

With the assessment, work and huha-ing with friends, I barely had time to plan for the trip. I am relying solely on my 'Rough Guide: Bali and Lombok' book, and the printed schedule of Perama bus - those are pretty much my only lifeline for the next six days (you can bet that I am furiously reading the guide book on the plane right now, haha). By the time I touch down, hopefully I've decided on, at least, my first destination.

This might as well be an adventure of a lifetime :)


So I leave you with my current favorite Tata!-I-am-going-travelling-Don't-miss-me song (since people usually put up the song "Leaving on A Jetplane" - booooooosan. And Greg Laswell is awesome - do check out his albums). I am not roaming, but if I find free wifi or internet cafe, I'll try to update on my wellbeing once in a while.
See ya in six days!

The One I Love - Greg Laswell

I'm all packed up now early in the morning
I'll take my leave
I'll bring your words along with me
Maybe one day they will mean something

For now they buzz and crumble down
A little bit too easily
From a time that I am not quite over
What the hell is wrong with me?

I might be gone a little while
I guess we'll see
I gotta make a home outta somewhere
And you're all over this city

And it'll take a flight to figure out
Where I'm gonna finally land
And the time it takes for me get there
I'll be one to start again

And if the plane lifts off
I'll write you a letter to say goodbye
And I will make it long and maybe lie just a little
Tell you that I'm doing fine

Then I'll send it out and let things be
If not for you
For me
and for the time I've spent

Foolishly loving thee


  1. dear, take a flight to lombok and thereafter a boat ride to one of the Gili Islands (there are three).. the beach and water is to die for ! :) have fun and in Bali, shop for body scrubs and shampoo and other spa-like stuff... Bali's famous for it and they're quite cheap (that is if you are into those things)

    HAVE FUN!!! :)

  2. places
    1. gunung berapi batur
    2. jimbaran
    3. kechak dance
    4. painting (must buy one)
    5. sunset
    6. padi bukit (apa nama die lupe)

    enjoy it babe

  3. dreamland beach!cheap dvds!sunset at kuta also nice!yg lain org lain dh sebut hihihi

  4. ahhh...nice, travel sorang2....boleh tido sebanyak mana yang kamu mahu....haha

  5. take care sister :-)

  6. ciss.. patut lah antor message tak reply..

  7. have fun there...may god be with u...