Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: My Name Is Memory

The book has so much promise, but it was never delivered. How could you not be intrigued by a premise of a boy who had lived and died and lived again so many times, over centuries, and every time he was reborn, he fall in love with same girl, over and over again. The problem is, she did not remember him, and he was the only one who carried every memory of their past lives. In each lifetime, he searched for her and found her, but each time, they were torn apart. I mean, I saw the book's tagline "Sometimes love lasts more than a lifetime" and immediately decided to buy it because that is totally awwwwwwww.

I should have know better that when two (out of three) reviews quoted on the back of the book compared 'My Name Is Memory' to the Twilight series that this is going to be such a boring book. I can't read Twilight. I tried, but at each try I feel like tearing my eyes out. It was just not my taste (heheh, no offense, Twilight fans. I know there are several of you here. Peace, my friends).

This book was slow to start with, but it got better in the middle which I genuinely enjoyed but things just went downhill and the ending was just 'What the f....?".

I don't even know why I spent time writing this review. Hahaha...

Note: Okay, I just found out that the book is actually the first of a trilogy, and that's explains the rather abrupt ending, but still...

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