Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Tree

I recently managed to retrieve the data from my very first laptop, the one I bought as a student in the States, which promptly died upon my return here. Pretty much everything that I created during my study was there - pictures of my vacation and field trip, music collection, my old blog entries, my college essays and homework. These had been lost for the past five years, as I did not make any backup. I had lost hope to actually see any of them again, so I was extremely happy when I finally managed to take out the memory and convert it into an external drive by myself, and that it works! Oh, it was like meeting an old, close friend. So many memories!

The damage done to my laptop. It was so old that the screws pretty much welded themselves to the body. I had to forcefully pried the memory out.

Among the treasure found were pictures taken during Thanksgiving. A friend from Brown brought me home to spend the festive season with her family, and since Christmas was only a few days away, we went out for Christmas tree hunting. I was in awe pretty much the whole process, since that was the first (and only time, so far!) I actually be in the midst of Christmas preparation. We all piled up, nicely bundled in our warm jackets, into the family's car and drove our way to a farm. It was a beautiful place of rolling hills dotted with Christmas trees - though I had no idea what type of trees they are.

Basically you just walked around the farm to choose your tree. There are several type of trees and different sizes to choose from. Once you find your perfect tree, you cut it down yourself with a handsaw. This part was not fun - hahaha. It was cold, and trying to saw a hard tree trunk using a tiny handsaw with a thickly gloved hand: it got pretty hard.

I just love this picture perfect farm house.

The search for the perfect tree began!

Getting down and dirty to saw down the tree.

Hasil tangkapan. Such a cute tree! Just like the girl next to it, eh?

We paid for the tree, hauled it on top of the car, tied it over the roof and drove back home. That night, my friend's mom brought out boxes filled with Christmas light and decorations and I helped them to decorate the trees. Some of the decorations had their own stories and histories - handmade by the kids, a gift from the family, and so on - and they reminisced over the stories as we hanged up the decorations one by one. The living room was lightly perfumed by the sweet, fresh smell of the tree, and with candlelight flickering at the window, I could see how the whole moment is a cherished family time, much like when we are preparing for our Raya.


  1. Fatma, could you pry open my old laptop, too? Old photos make great blog post :).

  2. if it is a total loss i.e mmg x nak guna dah laptop tu, hehe, i can help. kalau x, x berani aah :)

    and yes, old photos are awesome. i even forgot some of the stuff i did that when i saw the picture, it was all like, "when did i go rowing??". now, it's all coming back to meeeeee....