Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Running Diary – Countdown to Malakoff 2011

Fave Running Playlist:
Marry You by Glee Cast
Superman by Super Junior
Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
Blow by Ke$ha
Who’s Next by 4Minute (feat. BEAST)

21 Nov 2011
Location : Gym
Distance : 5.62 km
Oh god. Not yet 2 km, and I am already panting. My last run was Standard Chartered, and that was about six months ago. This first day after such a long break is such a torrrturreeeeee… Only 15 minutes had passed, but it felt like forever. I want to quit. Oh hoh. Mommy. C’mon, you can do this. Hit 5 km, or 40 minutes, whichever comes first, then you can stop.

22 Nov 2011
Location : KLCC Park loop
Distance : 5.72 km

I always ran clock-wise on the loop. Why, you ask? Because everyone else’s run counter-clockwise, following the 0 – 1300 m direction. But when everyone run in such a way, all you see is other people’s behind. I ran clock-wise, in the opposite direction of others, so I can see every single faces that pass me by. This is important as there are a lot of cute runners, with sexy legs, on this track. Am I clever or what?

29 Nov 2011
Location : KLCC – home, along an undisclosed route
Distance : 11.69 km

Decided to run home today from the office because a friend, who I am competing against in a Nike+ Challenge, spilled that she was about to add in another 17 km with two upcoming races. There and then I decided that there’s no way I should allow her to have such a huge lead and I know I am not motivated to run far when I’m on a treadmill, so after office, sneakers on, and off to home!

(Stopped by a stall for a char kuey teow dinner and durian at Seri Rampai area before completed the last leg home. Aishhh, macam mana nak kurus kalau tengah berlari boleh makan kuey teow?!)

30 Nov 2011
Location: KLCC – home
Distance : 10.5 km

Decided to run home from the office again. I followed the same route as yesterday. I think this will also be a perfect route if I ever decided to cycle to work one day – flat, and it has good pedestrian pathway for most part. But there’s no one else running along this route – I felt so lonely...

2 Dec 2011
Location: KLCC – home
Distance : 4.21 km
Argh, something is wrong with the chip. It only recorded half the distance covered. Penat je lari jauh-jauh hari ni, haishh…

8 Dec 2011
Location: KLCC Park loop
Distance : 4.75 km
Today’s run is to recalibrate the chip.

9 Dec 2011
Location: Gym
Distance : 4.48 km
Hmmphh, no eye-candy in sight.

13 Dec 2011
Location: Gym
Distance : 3.15 km
Aaahh, after a 40 minute run, I checked my iPod, and it only clocked in 0.1 km. Apa kes, 100 m jerrr? Helloooooooooooo? Only than I realized that, earlier, I changed the playlist as I started to run, but forgot to switch it back to Nike+, thus explaining the lack of recording. Ahh, penat je lari. But if I didn’t clock in anything today, then I can’t keep up with my friend on the challenge (who looks like she has been running everyday now. Ughhh, crazy horse).

So back on the treadmill. For another 3 km. Buhooo, I could have gotten 7 km today.

14 Dec 2011
Location: Gym
Distance : 4.33 km
Today is such a good run. I wish I could have run longer, but I was in a rush for a dinner meeting. I don’t know why, but today’s breathing is perfect, the pace is consistent, my legs are cooperating and I do not feel lazy or tired at all. Perhaps because I was flanked by two very handsome fella on the treadmill next to me? Awesome motivation!

15 Dec 2011
Location: Gym
Distance: 10.19 km
Ah, rain, rain, rain. The gym again, looks like it. I aimed to complete 8 km.

But I pushed my self and went for 10 km instead!

Tomorrow will be the last run, insha Allah, then Saturday a rest day, and then Sunday - hello Malakoff! Hello 12 km, over a torturous and hilly Bukit Kiara!


  1. Good luck Phat!! I registered but not gonna run hahaha.. last year aku menyesal masuk Malakoff dunno why i signed up again this year, but anyway, i just got back from cuti2 so kaki tgh sakit & penat from all the walking hahah..

  2. pfftt, excuses, excuse... hahah
    (padahal aku bangun pagi tu pun mcm nyesal sbb how i wished i can sleep more!)
    it was a great run, i really enjoy it. bukit tu agak giler, tp nak buat camne. redah je lah!

  3. yeah the bukit is gila.. kita tak gila. LOL.

  4. fat, please heret aku gi gym skali, motivation tgh teramat LOWWWWWWW...

    aku tumpang bangga melihat playlist kau, huhuhuhuhu...

  5. jom la tabur!! or tpt lain.. i want to go hiking!!

  6. idd: hahaha, kalau ko tgk the full playlist yang aku dengar masa Malakoff Run, sure ko menangis kegembiraan. Korean songs are the majority. I am officially re-addicted!

    K: Selain Tabur, another good climb is Gunung Datuk kat Negeri Sembilan. Fairly easy hike, awesome view. Hehhehe, marilah mari.....

  7. ok, sile syorkan date...aku sentiase kebosanan