Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Travelogue Cambodia (July 2011): Zooming Through

One of the most enjoyable things that I did in Cambodia was the ATV ride tour. Unfortunately though, since I did not have a driving license, I have to be the passenger. The seat was so wide that my short legs were just hanging at the side. I got leg cramps by the time we ended, boohoo. That was the only bad thing about the tour, for the view was breathtaking and tranquil. Of course, it looked quite similar to any kampung in Malaysia, but somehow the sky is bluer and the grasses greener. The rice field stretched as far as the eyes can see. What I love most was getting a peek at how the locales live, which is always a highlight wherever I traveled as I find it more interesting than actually being at a tourist attraction. The kids that we saw along the way – either shying away or running towards our roaring machines and giving us a wave; the wooden huts along the river that looked like it may crumble anytime soon, yet still function as a barbershop or a sundry shop; a group of dark, sweaty teenagers playing volleyball at a dusty, humble field – what an interesting glance at life.

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