Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello, Bangkok!

Sawadee ka!

Greetings from Bangkok. I've been here since a few days back because of this...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I was a bit nervous because I was NOT nervous. I always had giant, ginormous butteflies-in-my-stomach before any public speaking - even when I gave career talk to school children way younger than me, or even for simple presentation in the office. And this was my first presentation to an international audience (What if they think I talk rubbish? What if they think my points are rather menial? What if I went blank or failed to form cohesive answer in English during the Q&A session? Arrghhhh...!). So, I was rather afraid that the lack of nervousness means I was not prepared, especially since that the final version of the speech was only completed the day before I was to leave for Bangkok, and on the morning of the panel session, I was actually up at 5 AM to start preparing the slides. Yes, START. Haha.

The speech has now been safely delivered, and everything went very smooth, so thank God for Your blessing. So now I can thoroughly enjoy shopping around Bangkok... eh, the rest of the conference.

Till later, xoxo!


  1. finally.. an update :)

    me very proud of you auntie fafa, so now can we get some stories to go with it pls.... heheh

  2. Tak sempat nak cakap good luck hehe

  3. for you, naza and nza jr., anything.... :p

    heh, it's ok Rina. if i screwed up, then i would definitely have whats-app you to vent it out, hahaha.

  4. shooottt... fatma as panelist... sebaris ngan President of Schlumberger Asia lg.... mantops