Sunday, February 12, 2012

Travelogue Bangkok: Health Land Spa and Massage

Bangkok is such the perfect city for a girfriends’ trip. The shopping opportunity is abound, from the street-side stalls and flea market to the high-end fashion that most of us could not afford anyway. My head almost explode in excitement when I discovered that the stretch of road that I was using everyday is practically [Bukit Bintang + Berjaya Times Square + Suria KLCC + Low Yatt + Pavillion], but, 5 times more populated with shopping malls. Arrghhh, restrain, restrain. Nasib baik my day was totally filled with conference program, so I only had the night for some quick shopping (But yeah, within that ‘not enough time to shop’ pun, I came back with a new skirt and three new dresses, all but one acquired from street stall. So cheap! And I brought back some home décor stuff too. Weeeeee….)

And it is a perfect place for a girlie trip because spa is everywhere. It is like Starbucks in the States – you have one in every corner. After a long day shopping, what a good way to recharge for a new round of shopping the next day other than foot reflexology. Or a back massage to relax those tired muscles from handling so many shopping bags, eh? An hour or two of back massage or foot reflexology will only set you back RM 10 – 40 only.

My friend recommended me to go to Health Land, because he said the place is proper (hehe, because massage parlor in Bangkok can be a bit special too), nice and cheap. It is indeed close to the conference area and the hotel, so I decided to check it out. It is pretty much a huge mansion with multiple levels of spa rooms (it even has elevator), and from the amount of people there, it looked like a very popular place. The reception area is as huge as any big hotel’s. Put down your choice of massage and paid for it first, and after a while your name will be called.

The staff I encountered there were very polite and nice. The massage room is nothing special in terms of the décor, but it is soothingly simple and spotless. I love the wooden and grayish color tone. There’s a small shower and a separate basin area.

I am not a fan of Thai massage – I tried it once in KL, and I hate it. I go to spa to relax and drift away in slumber, but with Thai massage, I spent the hour cringing and fully alert, afraid of what the masseuse going to do next. Ah, I always felt like she is about to snap off my neck any moment. Shudder…. So, I decided to go for the much gentler aromatherapy massage. The massage itself was okay. It was nothing spectacular - a really good one always made me feel as if I was melting away, the tension dissolved into nothingness, and I’ll feel so light, almost floating on the way home. None of that here (maybe it is just the masseuse that I got) but despite that, it served its purpose. The ache and knotted muscles did go away. It is definitely a good massage place, but with such cheap affordable price, don’t expect the ultimate spa experience. The one-and-a-half hour aromatherapy massage was less than RM 85. Foot reflexology is only RM 25 (an hour) and Thai massage about RM 45 for two hours.

I had a much, much outstanding spa experience the next day somewhere else (and paid much, much more too. See the correlation here? Weeeeeeeee!), but that one will be reviewed next. This entry is already too long, eh.

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  1. Jom! nanti aku balik KL kite gi sama ek? weeeeee