Friday, February 17, 2012

Travelogue Bangkok: Oasis Spa

If I were freaking rich, besides spending my money travelling the world, I would like to have my own spa. I won’t buy a custom-made ring from New York that will cost me millions (eh). I would rather spend it to have my own masseuse. My home will be a little oasis where I can enjoy and relax after a hard day shopping, something like this…

The moment I stepped in into Oasis Spa, my mind just go “Toing-toing! I want a home like this!”. Who could have guess there’s a little peaceful gem tucked away within the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city? A quiet, grassy garden greets you as soon as you walked into the main gate, and stood before it a handsome bungalow, with wood accent and clean white exterior. The building was build around a small pool, with chairs and umbrellas lining up along the side. Ah, if this were my home, I could just imagine myself eating cekodok and kopi-o at the pool area while waiting for Abang Anuar to come back from work.

I sat down, and the staff hurried in with a cold towel and a cup of scented tea. I wished I had taken the pictures of the reception area that was tastefully decorated with wooden floor, and bright, canary yellow cushions on the wooden bench chair. The colors are lively, but the whole effect was calm and soothing.

I decided to try, for the first time ever the Ayurveda treatment, which consists of two parts: first, the pouring of warm oil onto the forehead, followed by scalp massage; and second, Ayurveda body massage, using East Indian technique.

The warm-oil-on-forehead thing was okay; perhaps I had too much expectation heh. But the scalp massage that followed – OH MY GOD. And the body massage – NICE. Do I really have to return to KL? Can I just stay here?

The price is of course, OH MY GOD too, hahaha. The 2.5 hour treatment costs as much as something similar at the high-end spas in KL. Haishhh, see… this is why I have to work hard, in order to enjoy little luxury like this once in a while. Kalaulah dari kecil aku kumpul duit, mesti dah berjuta-juta dalam tabung. Hmmmm…

But then, if you are looking for the whole exquisite spa experience, the ultimate pampering and that queen-for-day feeling, go for it :p Sekali-sekala nak memanjakan diri, kan. Though I would say that this still can’t beat the massage, service and atmosphere at Khareyana Spa, my favorite spa in the Klang Valley - definitely the best, ever. And at a much cheaper price too. Malaysia Boleh!

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