Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Books: The Hunger Games Series

This is a case of severe ‘tertinggal bas’. Hahaha… I couldn’t believe I had not read the Hunger Games series earlier. It had been in my iPad for so long, but I had been reading some mediocre Young Adult novels lately that I put this one off. When I finally read The Hunger Games (Book 1), I just could not put it down; neither could I for the next book (Catching Fire) and the next (Mockingjay). I ended up reading all three books back-to-back in one week. While lacking in the richness of prose, the story was vivid and mesmerizing, and at the end I am glad that I started to read the series only after all the books had been published – if not I would die in agony waiting for each sequel to arrive in the bookstore! Now I don’t think I ever want to watch the movie – I prefer to have my own version of Katniss, Gale and Peeta in my head (especially because I think in my imagination, my made-up Gale and Peeta are waaaaaaaayyyyy hotter than the actual actors that starred in the movie, hahaha).

(Yeap, as I am positive that 95% of the world’s population has already watched the movie, there's need for me to write the sypnosis here. Just go and read it lohhhhh. It is really good. May the odds be ever in your favor!)

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  1. Ok, aku je ke yg rase the concept of Hunger Games tu sgt sick and disturbing? Kids killing other kids for a TV show? What is happeninggg?! In the movie, the scene where kids bunuh rivals diorang at the start of Hunger Games tu sangat ganas okkk ngaaaa!

    And yes, I agree. They should pilih someone yg wayyy more good looking and taller as Peeta. In the movie, Katniss and Peeta nampak cam more to sibling-love plak coz Peeta pendek and muka cam kanak2 and Katniss tu plak tinggi gila and muka cam matured sikit. Yg Gale tu ok bolehlaa, hotlah gak cuma Liam Hemsworth tu mcm agak kaku bila berlakon hehe.