Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time to Say Goodbye

Hello friends and strangers,

I am afraid I kind of lost my interest to write. I waited for two months to see if this is just a temporary feeling, but looks like other than watching Korean dramas on this MacBook, I did not regain any desire to use it to write again. So rather than leaving this blog to exist on permanent hiatus and gathering cobwebs, I will cease to update on personal ongoings, and will delete all the old posts too...

... except for my book recommendations, travel writings and pictures, which I will continue to update whenever I travel and has the will to write something about it (yes, I still need to write about my trip to Korea, and I have yet to completely blog on my previous trips to Uzbekistan and Turkey and Mulu National Park and Pangkor Laut too hahaha. See just how lazy I am?!). I first thought of quitting the blog cold turkey and delete everything all together just to have a clean slate, but I noticed that a lot of search queries had arrived to my blog regarding travels - indeed if you google 'Campuhan Ridge trek', my entry is the first result to be shown, wuhooo! If only I got paid for that hahaha - so I decided to keep the travel posts alive. As a traveller, I love reading and researching on places that I am about to go, and my best source has always been personal blogs from common backpackers and travelers who shared their tips, how-to and experiences. I hope whatever I have written on my travels have helped some wandering soul to get their bearings and enriching their experiences, just as much as I have from reading others' experiences as well.

So, thank you for stopping by all this while. Do check back once in a blue moon for future travel posts and pictures. And maybe book recommendations (for nothing makes me happy than recommending my favorite books to others!).



  1. sob sob... alaaaaaa... but me likey this blog....

  2. i knowwww.. me missing this blog oso (hahaha boleh x?)